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The Better Busy Lifestyle Studio 

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Seize the day and reboot your healthy lifestyle over the next four weeks.  Together we will design a personalized exercise plan based on your interests, goals, and schedule.  You will be able to choose a meal planner that fits your commitment level.  We will have a weekly 15-minute coaching call to support your efforts and I will be available by email in between those sessions.  With this program you will have your choice of a TLS Find Your Fit Kit including supplementation that will support your weight loss efforts OR a package of 5 30-minute personal training sessions at Coventry Fitness.  

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We are all busy and "busy" isn't going anywhere.  Learn how to streamline your days to allow room to improve eating and exercise habits and rediscover the activities that rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.  Program duration and focus can be customized for each client or group based on goals determined in a wellness strategy consultation.  A good place to start is with the Better Busy Basic program.  However, if you are ready to go deeper into your wellness development, let's discuss how you can customize your program with the elements listed in the My Better Busy Lifestyle program menu shown below.
Better Busy Basic
A four-part overview program to get you started on the basics of establishing healthier habits. Individuals may elect to do four (4) weekly 30-minute phone or video conference calls, two bi-weekly 1-hour in-person, phone or video conference call, or a single 2-hour in-person, telephone or video conference call.  This program is also great for small groups and can be presented as a 2-hour workshop or business retreat.   Purchase this program
My Better Busy Lifestyle
Do you want to go beyond the basics?  Customize your program from the health solutions listed below:

Improve your overall body composition by combining low-glycemic impact foods, science-based supplementation, and a personalized exercise program.  This four-pronged system is based on educating you about how to live a lifestyle of clean eating that keeps you in your fat-burning zone and eliminate energy highs and lows throughout the day.  The TLS® Weight Loss Solution can be customized to suit where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow.  Programs range from a 21-day kick-start program to a longer 12-week option and truly teach you HOW to eat, not simply WHAT to eat. 

Take your free Weight Loss Profile at www.tlsslim.com/sunshinendaisies and then we will talk about the information that you receive based on your answers. 
(Program coaching is conducted over the phone and via email and Facebook.  Participants can live anywhere in the United States.)

Holistic Health Coaching Sessions
This program goes beyond just the food and exercise.  During two 50-minute coaching appointments per month, we will discuss your specific health and lifestyle concerns in-depth.  Topics include improved eating habits, realistic physical activity, self-care, work life and home life, and the ways life affects your relationships.   You will receive food and product samples, books, recipes, exercise plans customized for you, and email support in-between sessions.    Sessions are held over the phone, by video conference.   Purchase this program.

Personal Training and Corrective Exercise to Manage Chronic Pain

Personal Training
Personal training sessions take place at Coventry Fitness in Coventry CT.  We will design a program based on your goals, health concerns and preferred types of exercise.  Sessions are 30 minutes or 60 minutes in duration.     Purchase this program

The BioMechanics Method®
Living with chronic pain can slow you down.  The BioMechanics Method® for chronic pain management uses a progressive program of myofascial release, stretching, and strengthening movements.  Little to no equipment is required and the movements can be done anywhere -- some can even be done in your car!  All sessions for this program are one hour in duration and take place at Coventry Fitness in Coventry, CT. Purchase this program.

Finishing Touches:  Age Defying Solutions
Are you interested in looking younger?  Having brighter, even-toned skin?  Perhaps diminish lines, wrinkles and pores? 
I bet that no matter what age you are today, you probably answered "yes!"

The Nerium AD skin care line for Face and Body will change the way you look at your skin care regimen.  Additionally, the EHT® Mind Enhancement Formula promotes brain health, function and focus.  I have experienced amazing results since I began using Nerium and I am excited to share this amazing product line with you. 
Visit my Nerium online shop for more information.

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